The Art and Science of Language in Sales

There is both an art and a science to the language you use in sales. The art of it requires diligent practice, creativity, and the ability to paint a clear picture of the benefits of buying your solution. The science of it relies on the psychological triggers you can leverage to land more contracts. The trick to closing more deals — and stacking the deck in your favor — is finding the balance between art and science of language in sales.

Here’s a quote from an article I just published that will go a long way towards helping you to find your balance.

“But if you are speaking or writing about the other person’s problem, or their future, your words, your tone, your passion, your belief level will be the key to your success…. marriage is about love, or your children; it’s about good communication, or your family. When your marketing materials do not speak to your prospects, they respond differently. You will learn this sooner or later.” — Grant Cardone

Don’t waste everyone’s time. Time does not have to be invested with anyone. You don’t have to call them, or meet with them, in order to be of service to you and your community. If you produce high value content, people will notice you and tune you out.

The key to sales is knowing how to receive the best value possible and at all times in your efforts to reach and persuade highly qualified prospects. The result will be increased sales revenues and increased business and more satisfaction in your professional life. But… If you are not speaking their language, you’re Arc fewer individual prospects than you are speaking to.

Here are five key benefits with those who are smart as to where and how they buy.

1) The smart buy for a business, find a solution to a challenge or need that will enable their business to grow, save money or make money, eliminate complexity, and so on.

2) The smart buy for a consumer purchase, which translates into an immediate income. The smart buy for others will optimize your success and impact on your revenue and recognition.

3) The smart buy for strategic planning meaning decision-making associated with your solutions based on what’s best for your clients and your stakeholders.

4) The smart buy for making better decisions, and then have that knowledge to share with others.

5) The smart buy the best solutions to prepare them for the unexpected and the unexpected and the unexpected.

Value is a primary component of a solution. Use language that resonates with the client, and you will earn the much needed business and help you grow.

Dr. Gary S.

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